The Story behind HEXAMOTEN

W h y h e x a m o t e n

Hexamoten Band PictureWe have fallen from Venus and Mars and now we are new to this planet. Our musical work ranges from Synthpop to Electronic Punk, Underground Dance Music to Triphop and Atmospheric Soundscapes.

HEXAMOTEN is a collaboration of two electronic artists. The love to unknown soundscapes and the emotional use of analog synthesizers and danceable electronic beats has brought together both artists. They create unique emotional songs with a touch of New Romantics and New Wave, Electro and IDM, Triphop and Downbeats. Their musically influences and idols from the avantgarde music scene surround a range from David Bowie to Tricky and from Kraftwerk to Björk, Gary Numan to Vangelis and Mike Oldfield to The Knife.
“We invent ourselves every day. Therefore all our musical works are a unique creation of the emotions that we experience every day. We have no clear line and we follow our intuition with every song.”  The musical head Lina develops soundscapes, beats, samples and combines this with a unique musical mood. Kjeír composes harmonies from simple minimalist loops to complex emotional oeuvres with a special sensual depth.

A résumé from the magazine:
Dark wave is the first thing that is picked up on from the sound of Icelandic outfit HEXAMOTEN. It is cleanly considered also which in turn allows the electronica elements take pride of place. The sultry oscillations in the tempo are also worthy of their inclusion. The grounded flow of everything falls into place with a real splendour about it all. The shapely flow of things is a well considered element that demonstrates the higher aspirations hiding away in the expansive playing structures. That is a smart attribute each time, but what is also noted is the way each track has a telling sense of individuality about them.