Upcoming RISASTÓR Release

The tale about a lonely giant starts here … Once there was a chime – like „hmahhhhhha“ standing quite long and lonely in our electro styled studio, we knew that this could be the floating journey of a giant thing. Glittering howling analog sounds closed a ring round the unwavering chime which came from a nordic nature, a vintage beast.

Deep footfalls like halting machines have moved our senses from simple to complex, from small to tall and from irrelevant to significant. When we created the Title Track RISASTÓR we made a walk through the world of emotions. Happy and sad, wanting and longing, angry and forgiving and always hopeful. It was a long and enjoyable walk!

Working, reworking, deleting, selecting and finally recording made us lost in studio. The RISASTÓR album comes up with 21 avantgarde electro tracks.

The gloomy introduction with the song “Damned” invites the listeners into a obscure journey from manyfold sinister and orchestral stories.

We believe in ourselves! Therefore we do not surrender and we do not drop the plan of playing music for thoughtful people. Yearning a never-neverland with every minute in our life is our aim.

We will release the RISASTÓR album on bandcamp in a couple of weeks and we created a brand new video for our first single “Control”.

Be curious about our next release and our upcoming videos.

Risastor Album Hexamoten