New electro album "Purgatory"

Hypersunday “Purgatory”

Hypersunday “Purgatory” - Empty inside by HEXAMOTEN and Syl Niet / Hypersunday

Purgatory release by Hypersunday and Syl Niet | September 23. Available at

This great and innovative piece of new electro album contains 9 tracks from different producers and artists in cooperation with the spanish female multi-talent woman Syl Niet. All songs have a profound electronic claim and are a masterpiece in their overall effect – directed and guided by the Spanish multi-talent Syl Niet and produced by Hypersunday. Featuring Delusions, Omega dB, Resonance, Senseo, Carlos Moralejo, Jaime Tejón, David Reina, C-System and HEXAMOTEN.
Hypersunday is producer and record label at the same time. The label was founded in 2016 with focus on a holistic concept: different artists and producers walk together on the journey through the realm of electronic music. Syl Niet, the woman behind the concept loves to roam the different genres of electronic music. She is a very gifted and fantastic musician with an exceptional musicstyle.

This new album got our tremendous recommendation. We give ★★★★★★

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